Apple iDevice

(iPad, iPod, iPhone)

Some products are on older OS's not compatible with OverDrive. If your device is older than iOS 6, the Apple App store may have an older version of the app available for you. Download it and register the app with an Adobe ID rather than an OverDrive account (seen below). The rest of the process should be the same.



STEP 1: Download App

To enjoy both eBooks and audiobooks on iOS, you will need the Overdrive Media Console app installed and activated on your device. You can find this app for free by searching the Apple App Store. 


STEP 2: Register

After installing, launch the app and it should ask you to Sign Up for an account. This is both easy and free to do, just tap "Sign up" and fill in the information on the next page.


With this App, you'll be able to read and listen to both EPUB ebooks and MP3audiobooks. The app does not support Kindle format eBooks.


STEP 3: Add a Library

After registering, you'll be presented with the screen shown in the left below. For now, tap the three lines in the upper left next to the OverDrive icon (shown in the left picture below). The picture to the right shows the next screen.


Click 'Add a Library' (highlighted in blue in the right picture above) and proceed to search for your library,which will direct you to North Country Library System.


STEP 4: The Collection!

Next you'll be at our website! Tap SIGN IN (located in the upper right) and proceed to type in your library card and PIN number (the PIN is usually the last 4 digits of your phone number). Once you're signed in, browse for a book.  Tap the cover of your selection to reveal a Borrow button, or Place a Hold (if it's currently checked out). Notice the picture below, a cover has been tapped revealing a big BORROW button, as well as a small 'More' arrow that tells you more information about the book.


After tapping Borrow, you will then be directed to another page. Click DOWNLOAD next to the item, and select the EPUB (eBook) or MP3 (audiobook) format. Because you have the App, NEVER CHOOSE KINDLE format.

After selecting the format you want, tap Confirm and Download. The App will start downloading your selection. Take note that Audiobooks will take a LONG time to download and you'll want to make sure you're not using any sort of data plan to download it; only a Wi-Fi connection.


STEP 5: Reading

Once the title says it has downloaded to the app, simply hit the three lines in the upper left corner. This will revealBookshelf (seen in the picture below), where the checked out title has downloaded to. Tap that to see the cover of your title and start reading.




Required Software:
The Overdrive Media Console app is needed.  Please search through your App Store to download and install this app, for free.
Early Returns:

(titles do not have to be returned, as they return by themselves, only if you want to return them early)

To return an EPUB or MP3 audiobook from your device:
1.  Open the Overdrive Media Console app.
2.  Go to the Bookshelf portion of the app that shows everything that's checked out. Remember to just hit the three lines in the upper right hand corner of the app to reveal the Bookshelf destination.
3.  Hold your finger down on the book's cover till options appear and tap 'Return then Delete'